El mejor Sabor de Atlanta!


Drinks served right at any Time!

Soft Drinks, Juices, Wine, Beers and More….

The right drink, at the right time!


International Bottle drinks

$ 3.00

Chose from Sangria, Jarrito, Fanta, Agua de coco. Malta, Agua Mineral, Colombiana, Hawaiian Punch.

International Drinks

$ 3.00

Mistic or Snapple.

Country Club bottle Sodas

$ 3.00

Uva, Frambuesa, Naranja y Merengue.

National Sodas

$ 2.00

Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Sprite and Bottle of Water.

Natural Juices

$ 3.25

Mango, Piña, Guanabana, Tamarindo, Limón y Chinola.

Morir Soñando

$ 4.00

Delicious Dominican Juice, the best!

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