El mejor Sabor de Atlanta!

Main Dishes

Enjoy Soups, Beef, Pork, Goat, Seafood and Chicken at the Caribean Way, always Dominican!


Discover another version of chicken, all the Dishes are served with Rice, Beans ad Green Salad.

Main Dishes Chicken

Pollo al Horno

$ 9.99

A complete Chicken Leg Quarter made in slowly in the oven.

Pollo entero al horno

$ 10.99

Whole Oven Chicken, Sorry but this is not served with any portions.

Pechuga a la Plancha

$ 14.99

Grilled chicken breast with Vegetables (optional).

Pechuga a la Margarita

$ 15.99

Grilled Chicken Breast covered with our special creamy sauce.

Chicharron de Pollo

$ 11.99

Fried Chicken Cracklings, served with Tostones or Rice and Beans.

Chicken Nuggets

$ 7.99

This is the kids choice! Served with French Fries.

Chicken Fingers

$ 7.99

Crispy chicken fingers, served with French Fries.