El mejor Sabor de Atlanta!

Main Dishes

Enjoy Soups, Beef, Pork, Goat, Seafood and Chicken at the Caribean Way, always Dominican!


Enjoy Our Beef Specialties, all served with Rice, Beans and Green Salad.

Main Dishes Beef


$ 17.99

The Fajitas are served whit rice and Beans / Pollo – $12.99 / Res – $14.99 / Mixtas –  $17.99

T Bone

$ 14.99

Grilled T Bone Steak at your Choice

Res Guisada

$ 12.99

Our Delicious Dominican Beef Stew.

Rabo de Res

$ 13.99

Caribbean Beef Oxtail Stew.


$ 9.99

Beef Meatballs Stew.

Churrasco 12 oz

$ 17.99

Grilled Flank Steak, All covered with onion, tomato, Red and green pepper.

Bisteck Encebollado

$ 14.99

Grilled Steak prepared with Onions and Spices.